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The Nature of Abyss.

An eternal absence, and the entirety of existence.

Working Title: Order out of chaos. #OrdoAbChao [I wrote this several years ago but only recently found it again.] [I must stress this is not the original work titled; Order out of chaos. This is in fact something I have produced during the night and likely entirely unrelated to the contents of the work sharing same title] If one stares into the abyss long enough, patterns begin to emerge. Suddenly the abyss does not appear so strange, and out of it's eternal darkness a light may be seen. This is the product of the patterns owing to it's chaotic nature taking shape, and an order emerges.
(This is an attempt to express the chaotic yet surprisingly rational nature of life itself, and what that may consist of. It goes no way towards explaining this, I am sure. But I hope it makes for an interesting read for some individuals.)

Your environment is simply your sensory perception of the physical space in which you occupy. Given that you only perceive your environment in ways which your senses are capable of communicating to you, it could then be said that the only thing which really exists is the 'concept' of a self-aware, conscious mind, capable of producing sensations which gives the individual an illusion of experiencing a sense of what is real, the space around them, how things feel, what they hear, how things taste, smells, sights and emotions.
There is quiet literally no physical evidence to the fact that even the brain in your head is real, as the way we perceive a brain is through sensory experiences conducted by our body in conjunction with our 'brains'. So by following this logic, there is again nothing 'real' which can tell my brain that your brain is indeed real, likewise there is nothing telling me that my own brain is in fact real.

Now after accepting this concept of sensory perception constructing the physical environment around you, it could then be argued that nothing is in fact real. You do not exist. I do not exist. Now, to continue with the analytical assessment of what is real and what I am telling myself is real, I can then only conclude that I myself am real. But this finding poses a most difficult question of how do I know I am real, which is the necessary step required to then conclude that I am "really real" and not just imagining I am real. After pondering these concepts for some duration you may begin to find yourself questioning whether another individual is in fact real, or simply a product of your sensory perception in which you are imagining the potential to interact with this construct of your perception. So this is the thought which at times makes me walk from conversations feeling depressed, as I am not always certain the conversation I had just experienced was indeed genuine or not.

Perhaps my experiences are the sum of my desires constructing the necessary chain of events required to not only imagine such a complex environment/system as life, but my experience in 'life' may also be myself attempting to create the necessary experiences required to not only feel and interact with an imaginary environment both physically, but also emotionally, which in my findings goes the furthest way towards explaining the logic used to determine human nature, the instincts for survival, love, safety and all the other range of feelings humans experience on a daily basis when questions such as I ask myself are no longer posed.

See if I were to effectively cease my ability to critically analyze such a potential reality as the one in which I speak of now, I would not only be convinced of my mortality as a finite human life, but I would be so deeply engrained in the illusion of life that whatever thoughts would be necessary to return to findings such as these would effectively be disabled. Now, as I do find such thoughts troubling then this may not be such a bad solution to solve this query. However this would only serve to dampen my personal desire to seek truth in this concept. Even a most basic understanding of human nature will lead most people to conclude that eventually someone may find themselves working on concepts and theories such as this. And it is with deep regret that I must admit one is unable to ponder such thoughts without being exposed to knowledge which could and likely would be used to manipulate the course of existence. It is my strong 'belief' that the path of human existence is both fragile and righteous. I will return to these points perhaps in later posting but I am beginning to stray from the original point I was attempting to convey.

It is very unfortunate that I nor anyone else can recall the complete events of creation, I refuse to lose the ability to think in such methods because collectively (or individually depending on the degree at which you subscribe to the illusion) would be impossible to observe or discuss ever again. I as an individual, and to you (the proposed observer) are not mentally prepared to let go of the truth as there are tendencies in our 'human nature' which without answers to specific 'realities' would cause us to become extremely aggressive, confused, destructive, violent and ultimately guarantee the inevitable failure of humanity.
Is this thought only a reality in my mind, alone? Or do you too, now share this perspective? Then now you know, you don't, and neither do I. We are rare, common, creative and original. Yet, we do not exist. For all our knowledge, it only serves to validate our genuine lack of it. And, for all our effort, it only stands to prove our absence of tangible achievement. But if success means the opposite, then into the Abyss we are destined to plunge! And with haste, my journey continues. I do not have much time to find out time was never mine to begin with, anyway.

But ultimately we must admit; context is key.

< 333 xD ; ) Danny Alexander Masterson aka. /dax

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