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Hoax Jul 31 '18

1. Go to Settings> Security. 2. At the bottom of Device Administration, Click Device Administrators. 3. The box next to "Find My Device" should check you. 4. You also need Ienable location services and location history for accurate track of device. In Settings Settings Click Location. 5. Turn on the switch. 6. Click Mode. And you put High accuracy. 7. Go back to Location settings and Turn Google Location History on. 8. Turn on the switch option next to Use Location History. Also, toggle the switch next to your device name to On position. . Once you have completed these steps, you can Ilocate your phone when on and data or wifi. . Note: Make sure your location is turned on at a time when your phone is losing. And make sure that you know your gmail account. And make sure that you connect your phone to wifi or data. . Find The Missing Phone With The Browser: 1. Go to "Android.com/find" in the browser with any device. Delete "" 2. Log in to your gmail. 3. Select the missing device. 4. When you have done that you have three things to do: * You can sound your phone within 5 mins even in silent mood. * You can unlock your device and Display messages or phone numbers on the lock screen. * You can reformat your phone. . Find Missing Phone Using Google Maps: Make sure that you connect your phone to wifi or data .. 1. Go to Google Maps and sign in to your Google account. 2. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner and Iselect Your Timeline. 3. Set the date, month, and year for your location history when you lost your phone.


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Jjsmith Aug 9 '18
Samsung and Apple operate similar tracking services. Depending on Wi-Fi and GPS activation. All phones have a critical weakness. Hard pressed power button for 5 -10 sec will render any phone untrackable.
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